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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


The Scary Surprise

Author: Anuhya Singh, Class X G

It was almost midnight and the city was in a deep slumber. Walking across the road was a man in wearing a black coat. It seemed he was trying not to be caught. He carried a briefcase in his hand and was scurrying hurriedly along the road.

Andrew had just stepped out of his restaurant and as he was walking out, he too saw the man rushing along the road. The man who seemed oddly familiar was rushing in the direction of the graveyard. Andrew felt it was someone he knew but just couldn’t put his finger on what it was. He thought of following the man but the idea of stalking a man wearing black to the graveyard in the middle of the night gave him the shivers. He gave up on the idea and headed straight towards home.

As he walked merrily on the street, he came across a pool of red liquid. The first guess was that it was blood. Startled with what he had seen, he backed away from the liquid. As he stepped away, a hand caught hold of him and pulled him back. He struggled to free himself but the grip was very firm. A blindfold over placed over his eyes and he was forced to walk down the road with the person behind him directing him.

Finally, they reached the destination where the person removed the blindfold. ‘Surprise!’ everyone yelled, with his wife standing in the center.

It was their anniversary and his wife had organised a party to celebrate. The man in the black coat was his best friend and the red liquid turned out to be fruit punch. He laughed at his cowardice and danced the night away. What a strange way to throw the best party ever!