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The Present Generation

Author: Pranav Mandlik, Class XII

Evolution is a major aspect of human life. Human beings keep on evolving giving space to new generations and new inventions. Evolution to some extent is good but it can also be destructive. If we talk about the present world it has evolved in such a way that it has led to huge gaps or differences between generations.

Kids don’t realise that their parents have seen life more than them and know much better than them. Today every teenager wants their parents to provide them a luxurious life. Teenagers should realise that if their parents provided them everything as they wanted, it is at the cost of their own lives. The parents might have a huge number of tensions which they would never show on their face and would always appear happy. But then also teenagers always blame their parents and find faults in them. They rarely realise how hard their father or mother must have worked each single day to sponsor each and every gift that their son or daughter demands.

No parent whether rich or poor would like his son or daughter to be upset or be deprived of anything. Parents are those gods who will always be with you in your happiness and in times of sorrow. Today’s generation should realise this and learn to respect their parents.