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August 29, 2017 : Ojas- Sports Awards 2017

Ojas- The sports award ceremony of the school was held on 29 August 2017.

Students who had excelled in various sports during the academic session 2016-17 were awarded certificates for the same. Students walked up on stage with great pride to receive certificates from the Directors of the school.

Advait Page, who has created new records in swimming was specially felicitated during this ceremony. He was unable to attend the ceremony due to his swimming competition in Tashkent. As such his parents received the certificate on his behalf.

An interesting presentation showing the academic achievements of famous sports personalities was shown to the students. Students were motivated to remove the myth from their minds that sports are to be played at the cost of studies . The video presentation inspired them to pursue sports and academics simultaneously.

The ceremony concluded with a Vote of Thanks and the National Anthem.


August 15, 2017 : Independence Day

The saffron, white and green shone clearly against the sky as a new day began. A day that would never be forgotten in aeons to come. A day, that rendered us proud of our nation and everyone who belongs to it. This was the day when India was freed from the British shackles, after centuries of blood, sweat and tears, seventy one years ago.

The school rose to this occasion with grace, decking out the venue with our national colours, as Shishyans convened to begin this auspicious occasion. Everyone excitedly awaited the programs that would follow. The flag was hoisted and everyone clapped in a wordless moment of pride and glory that they undoubtedly had, in their hearts.

The flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest and this was followed by the National Anthem. Soon after, the Students’ Council administered the pledge. The speeches and poems by various students were also riveting and inspiring; all of them took a new and imperative view of freedom.

This was followed by the Inter House Folk Song Competition . The results were as follows:

  • First Position : Narayanmurthy House
  • Second Position : Kalam House
  • Third Position: Dhyanchand House

Kurien House won the Trophy for the highest attendance.

71 students of Class XI who are the recipients of the Shishukunj scholarship were also applauded in front of the whole school.

The event ended with a patriotic dance performance put up by Shishyans and the American exchange students. It was truly memorable - bright, and loud. Truly, it was a day to remember, and a day to celebrate the very essence of being Indian, and being free.


Guest Lecture

Dr. Sandeep Julka, an eminent endocrinologist, impressed upon students of the senior classes, the importance of making the right choices by narrating personal experiences of choices he made that lead him to where he is now. He also s t r e s s e d o n t h e importance of physical fitness and a positive attitude towards life.

OJAS 2017

OJAS - the award ceremony of the school was held on 03 July 2017. This ceremony awarded students for excellence in academics during the academic session 2016-17. It was a matter of great pride as students walked up on stage to receive certificates from the Directors of the school. Students who had 100 per cent attendance during the academic sessions were also awarded certificates.

The students and the faculty members were congratulated for the Class XII board results which were the best in the city.

This ceremony aimed not only to acknowledge and appreciate students for their brilliant performance but also to motivate the other students to strive for excellence.



The Investiture Ceremony is the grand occasion which embarks the day of commencement of duties of the students selected to lead the school. On the 19 th of June, 2017, the ceremony was held in beautifully adorned senior wing auditorium of the school for the newly appointed Student Council, Senior, and Junior office bearers.

The ceremony began with the floral welcome of the esteemed guests of honour- Mr. and Mrs. Sandeep Naolekal by the school Principal Mrs. Lalita Singh. The sports secretary then positioned the school flag to commence the ceremony. It was indeed a proud moment for the school when the newly appointed student council, introduced by the school Vice Principal Mrs. Vasundhara Ohri, immaculately marched on the stage and took the grand oath. The oath was a promise that all the leaders would fulfil their duties with sincerity and dedication.

Next on stage to take the oath were the senior and junior office bearers who were introduced by their respective house mistresses.


The ceremony came to an end with Mr. Naolekar's kind words of wisdom that inspired and motivated all Shishyans to take up their responsibilities with zeal and fulfil them to the best of their abilities.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the student leaders of the school.


Out in the Wild

Students of Classes VI – X went on Adventure trips to different destinations.

Students of Classes VI and VII students enjoyed a fun filled overnight stay at the Safari Activity Park. Tent pitching, rock climbing, flying fox, Tarzan jump were some of the activities they were involved in. The mud run and the rain dance were the icing on the cake!


Students of Classes VIII, IX and X went to the adventure camps in Dharamshala, Junga and Kambre. The activities planned for them were designed to test their endurance and teach them survival skills. Rafting, rock climbing, rope exercises, trekking and navigating using the magnetic compass were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The night out wherein the students had to pitch their own tents and cook their own meals was a novel experience. Team work, co ordination, self confidence and persistence, were some of the skills the students developed during these adventure camps.


The Shishukunj International School bid a fond farewell to its outgoing batch of Class XII students (2016-17) in a very solemn Graduation Ceremony held on 23 February 2017. The distinguished guests for this memorable occasion were Mr. Surendra Patwa, Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Government of M.P and Dr. Idris Ahmed Khan, eminent cardiologist. The evening turned nostalgic for the proud parents and their wards alike as each student’s profile was read out, mentioning the various milestones of their school life. The students proudly walked up on stage to receive the mementos and thereafter posed for photographs with the distinguished guests.

The Principal Dr. Lalita Singh, the Vice Principal Mrs. Sandhya Bhargava and the senior Vice – Principal, Mrs. Namrata Ramakrishnan addressed the students , urging them to develop their potential to their fullest by believing in themselves. Melodious songs by the school choir as well as speeches by the Headboy, Headgirl and parents interspersed the programme. Mr. Dhirendra Dave, the Executive Director, blessed the children following which the students took an oath to be honest upright citizens and keep up the name of their alma matter.

The honorable minister congratulated the students and the school and expressed confidence that India will progress even more rapidly in light of the quality of work done in schools like Shishukunj. Dr. Idris Khan in his humorous way conveyed that it was better to aspire to be passionate and have great qualities rather than run after greatness. Mrs. Vasundhara Ohri, the Vice Principal , proposed the Vote of Thanks. As a last message to the outgoing Shishyans, she quoted Longfellow :

The heights great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight
But they, while their companions slept
Were toiling upward in the night.

She reiterated that nothing can be achieved without hard work, so students should be ready to toil for all that they wish to achieve in life.

The ceremony came to an end with the National Anthem.

Indian Architecture - An Amalgamation of Various styles

The British Council Social Science Project

The project aimed at introducing students of Class VIII to the various styles of architecture in India and the foreign influences on them.

Shishyans meticulously researched on the various styles of architecture in India: Persian, French, Portugal and British. The project involved not only research but also making of calendars, quizzes, site visit, community service and of course a guest lecture by an eminent historian, Mr. Rajendra Singh. The creative work of the students was displayed at "Jharokha", the exhibition. The collaboration with schools in Pakistan gave an international dimension to our work.

All students worked on every aspect of this project with great zeal and enthusiasm and surely developed an appreciation and sensitivity towards the architectural heritage not only of India but other countries as well. Monuments will now have a new meaning for all students who have been involved in this very interesting study.


Maths in the Sports Field!

The British Council Mathematics Project

The mathematics department was determined to weave a lot of fun along with learning into the British Council project. They decided to integrate it with sports and the topic which they decided to work upon was -The Incredible Ball: The Pivot of the Game.

As part of the project, students of Classes IX and X researched on the national games of England, France, India, China and Lithuania, the evolution of the balls used in different games and the reasons for the usage and association of a specific ball to a particular game. The project gave an insight into the various scientific and mathematical concepts used while designing a ball for a particular game.

What was really a novel experience was that the students of Classes IX and X played interclass matches with balls that were not tailored for that particular game. For example cricket was played with a hockey ball and football with a basketball and so on ! The students experienced first-hand the absolute lack of thrill and fun of the game when it is not played with the ball actually designed for it. During a very interesting and informative session that followed, students learnt the scientific principles behind the making of the ball. As a concluding activity, a quiz was conducted to assess the actual learning out of this project.

This project was a wonderful example of how varied subjects can be integrated for effective learning.

Students love sports, but never had they given so much thought as to how the ball with which they play is made and why it is the way it is !


Shishyans Go Organic

The students of the Shishukunj International School plunged headlong into the Science British Council Project titled ‘ Go Organic - It’s the New Way to Go!

As part of this project the students researched the organic farming techniques in UK, USA, New Zealand and India . Extensive research led to wonderful Project Reports which were displayed and evaluated by the educators and experts.

The students also visited Jaivik Setu- the one stop organic destination in Indore to get firsthand knowledge of the techniques used in organic farming and learn about the different products being grown by them organically.

On the home turf, there was much excitement as students grew seven different varieties of vegetables organically in the school garden. The seeds sprouted, the small beds soon grew lush green and within a few months they were ready to be harvested. Plays, posters and guest lectures made sure that Going Organic truly became a way of life for Shishyans!

Shishyans also collaborated with schools in other parts of the world and shared their research and ideas on organic farming.

The project has gone a long way in making the students aware of the benefits of eating food which is grown organically and is free of chemicals. It has renewed their interest in the compost pit in which they now themselves put the school kitchen waste regularly. Plans are also underway to set up a bio gas plant in the school.

Through the multiple activities done as part of this British Council Project , the seeds of ‘going organic’ have been sown in Shishukunj , it will be in no time that these seeds will grow into big trees…….. meaning a big movement!


January 26, 2017 :- Republic Day Celebrations

The 68th Republic Day of our country was celebrated with great enthusiasm in a short yet impressive function at The Shishukunj International School.

The ceremony began as the tricolor was hoisted by the Guest for the occasion Mr. Indrapal Yadav, a humble and hardworking worker of the school. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and administering of the pledge by the Students Council. A wave of patriotism filled the air as everyone enjoyed a famous Rajasthani patriotic song which followed . Thereafter, the choir brilliantly sang the original composition of the National Anthem comprising of five-stanzas. The meaning of each stanza was very clearly explained, much to the delight of the audience.

Soon after Jay Joshi of Class X reminded everyone of their responsibilities and duties towards the nation through his well articulated and inspiring speech. Certificates were awarded to 38 meritorious students who scored 10 CGPA in Class X in 2015-16 and also to the participants of Bal Vigyan in various subjects.

Kalam House was awarded the trophy for the House with the Best Performance during the academic session 2016-17. The trophy for the House with the highest attendance on 26 January 2017 was also bagged by them. A beautiful dance performance concluded the Republic Day Celebrations in school.


December 17, 2016 :- ANUGOONJ 2016

The cultural extavaganza of the senior school –Anugoonj 2016 was held on Saturday 17 Dec 2016. Over 700 students of the senior school participated in a variety of programes to present before the parents an evening of dance, drama and music.


The evening began with an orchestra performance which aimed to celebrate the bond between the human soul and music. The young musicians of Shishukunj played the Rag Kirvani and the Pirates of Caribbean theme in an enthralling performance that captivated the mysticism of nature.


This was a jugalbandi of Bharatnattayam and Katthak called Tal-taringini that sought to evoke God’s blessings by offering an unflinching devotion towards the Almighty.

I Am Possible - English Play

Walt Disney was told that he lacked imagination! Amitabh Bachchan was dismissed because he did not have a baritone. Ralph Lorren, Oprah Winfrey and many others were told otherwise before they made it to pinnacle. They accomplished the impossible for they believed and knew that they could. That one should believe in oneself and unleash the potential within and accomplish what one intends to was the theme of the junior English play: ‘I Am Possible’



Although we are the largest secular democracy, historians and analysts across the world thought that we would never be able to sustain ourselves as one sovereign nation and split miserably. We not only withstood abject criticism but also showed that we have a strong divine heart that compassionately understands, accepts and respects a fine balance of the variety that we are. In the great amphitheatre of the world we stand as the symbol of natural beauty, unparalleled secularism and absolute and undifferentiated consciousness. Samvet Gaan Tu Zaria hai, Mai Zaria Hoon brought out this flavour of India.

Gadar Ki Chingariyaan

The effulgent flames of Gadar ki Chingaariya ignited the spirit to patriotism. This performance directed by Mr. Raghaw brought forth the latent and unheard-of strong feminine protests against the oppression of the freedom necessary to be.

Western Dance –Theme Corporate World

The dance infused with elements of jazz and hip hop, aimed at conveying the message of how employees of the corporate world mortgage their souls to cut throat competition and long for liberation from the same. It emphasised that engagement in a competition is like involving one’s self in a pointless strife that makes one deviate from the real purpose of human life which is the pursuit of self-discovery.

The Eternal Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, with his uncanny understanding of basic human nature, figured out almost all the possible plots and stories that were, that are and that ever will be . The English Play The Eternal Shakespeare showcased the timeless relevance of the Genius. It drew a parallel between power-politics in the past and the present.

Indian Folk Dance

When beautiful and fragrant flowers of Mahua carpet the earth and an intoxicating perfume fills the air, the farmer men and women dance and careen in joy since words fall short to describe the delight. The folk dance was truly the divine dance of bliss with Mahua falling all about and around.


Isn’t an empty mind the devil’s workshop? Marz - a Hindi satire portrays the same in a hypochondriac who finds a morbid solace in ill-health and at the same time wanting desperately to be in the pink of health. The play not only celebrated the hollow contrast of the hypochondriac but also cherished a subtle humour in seriously conducted and taken formalities in Indian socio-cultural background.

Western Dance

This country-style western dance was a classical fusion of the Spanish fiery Flamenco and USA’s soulful ballet. These two styles flamboyantly expressed a loud and clear credo of their culture and an equanimous blend of activity in peace and discipline in harmony.


Emperor Aurangzeb did not identify with the oneness of the concept of religions in India and hence could not appreciate Sufi Qawwali wherein Persian mouqqams met Indian ragas to sing a blend of rubaiyans, dohas and chowpais, in the praise of the Lord. The art lost its essence and relevance with time. Shishyans celebrated its resurrection and through it highlighted the way with which learning takes place in the campus.

November 13, 2016:- Utsav

It was an evening of fun and frolic for Shishyans as teachers of the Senior school got together to organize Utsav 2016 – the Annual Fun Fair to celebrate Childrens’ Day in the school. The school ground was transformed into a games and eating zone of which Shishyans just could not have enough!

The game stalls were a huge draw with games ranging from Aim and Shoot, Lucky Dip, Crack the Pot, Football , Basketball, etc. Food was varied and abundant – from Paani Puris , Rolls, Pastries, Puffs, Ice Cream, chocolates, etc.

All Shisyans enjoyed the Fun Fair immensely- the Dance Mania towards the end was truly the icing on the cake.

November 10, 2016:- Bal Vigyan 2016

Shishyans have , once again, excelled in the Bal Vigyan Competition

Bal Vigyan is a prestigious Annual Competition in which all the CBSE schools of the city present projects on various subjects.

The results were as follows:

# Commerce, Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology were adjudged among the Best Three Projects
# Chemistry and Social Science were awarded for the Best Presentation

Our Heartiest Congratulations to all Shishyans and educators for their hard work and commitment. Our thanks to all the parents for their constant support and encouragement.

October, 2016 :-Shishukunj Hosts Students from Bhuj

Shishukunj was delighted to host 16 students and 04 teachers from Shishukunj - Bhuj for a week long exchange programme.

The students were given the opportunity to attend regular classes as well as participate in various sports and co curricular activities. Sightseeing and excursions to places near Indore were arranged for them. Visits to Mandu, Maheshwar and Ujjain were enjoyed by the students as well as the teachers.


October 28, 2016:- Fourth Alumni Meet

It was time once again for the Alumni of the school to get together on 28 October 2016. Approximately 150 Alumni of the school participated in this meet which was a great platform to meet the teachers. The meet was marked with smiles and a spirit of bonhomie and the students just could not have enough of their favourite foods prepared very specially for them by the school. Many took the opportunity to visit their old classrooms and also visit the libraries and the labs. Anything to refresh memories of the good old times spent at Shishukunj !

September 28, 2016:- Outdoor Learning Camp

Out there in the wild…………a report on the Adventure trip of Class XII

Mansi Ranka – Class XII

Tanned arms and happy smiles! Twelfth standard students returned with a basket of memories from their four-day tour to camp Junga in Himachal Pradesh. The school collaborated with Youreka Outdoor Learning to craft a program for the students which combined adventure and learning.

The students stayed in tents at the camp, surrounded by pine forest trails in the scenic Shimla valley. They were divided into four groups and engaged in numerous adventure activities. Rappelling down a rock face, stretching and balancing themselves on the rope courses, hiking in the woods with huge rucksacks, navigating their way to the camping site, pitching their own tents, cooking dinner on chulhas….these are just a few of the fun and challenging activities that they did. This not only gave them new perspectives on their lives, but also a chance to explore new sides of their personalities. Living afar from technology, amidst nature, taught them to look at the splendid world beyond electronic gadgets - it was detoxifying, really. Away from the comforts of their homes, they learnt a minimalistic way of living. It did take them some time to adjust and feel comfortable, but it was a good thing as it helped them discover more about themselves as well as each other. It was an enriching experience for all, pushing themselves to new limits and out of their comfort zones, and most learning to be grateful and appreciate what they've been blessed with. They returned with refreshed souls, new friendships, and a bunch of hilly chants and stories!


September 05, 2016:- Teachers’ Day Celebrations

‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.’ Like every year, teacher’s day was celebrated with great zeal by way of a short but interesting show staged by the students of Class 12th. The students expressed their gratitude through a skit, followed by a heart-warming speech by the Vice Head Girl. The programme ended on a musical note and ‘left all teachers teary-eyed'.

In the evening, the management hosted a musical programme followed by dinner for all the teachers. A leading Music Group of the city enthralled the audience with their singing. Their selection of songs, with a mix of the past and the present, slow and fast, catered to all tastes and left the audience pining for more!


August 29, 2016:- Sports Awards

To mark the Rashtriya Khel Diwas, the award ceremony of the school Ojas was held on 29 August 2016. This ceremony awarded students of Classes VII and VIII for excellence in sports during the academic sessions 2014- 15 as well as 2015-16. It was a matter of great pride as students walked up on stage to receive certificates from the Directors and the Principal of the school. Students received certificates for excellence in cricket, football, basketball, swimming , table tennis, squash, badminton, etc.


This ceremony aimed not only to acknowledge and appreciate students for their brilliant performance in sports but also to motivate the other students to strive for excellence.


August 15, 2016:- Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school. Patriotic speeches, poems , dances and songs marked the celebrations. The flag hoisting was followed by the Pledge ,which was proudly administered by the members of the Students' Council. The programme also included an Inter House Folk Song Competition . Awards were also given to the House with the highest attendance and to the classes which had the Best Displays on their Soft Boards. The Bhaiyas who are being taught English in school impressed everyone with their recitation of an English Poem on patriotism.


August 15, 2016:- Inter Class Display Board Decoration Competition

All classes did their best to decorate their class display boards on the theme of Independence. The boards were a riot of colour- the art work as well as the write ups was well appreciated by the judges.

The classes which had the best displays were as under:

  • Class VI C
  • Class VII F
  • Class VIII D
  • Class IX C
  • Class X C


July 27, 2016:- Inter Class English Poetry Recitation Competition

All sections of Class VI enthusiastically participated in the Inter Class English Poetry Recitation Competition . The poems were selected from their prescribed book of poems ‘Enjoying Poetry’ . Shishyans infused life into the poems by reciting them with the correct voice modulation, expressions and of course , actions.

This competition gave every student of Class VI an opportunity to come up on stage and perform in front of the audience.

The results were as follows:

  • First : Class VI C - Poem : From a Railway Carriage
  • Second : Class VI A – Poem : Sick
  • Third : Class VI G – Poem : Thomas Alva Edison


July 20, 2016:- OJAS 2016

OJAS - the award ceremony of the school was held on 19 and 20 July 2016. This ceremony awarded students for excellence in academics during the academic sessions 2014- 15 as well as 2015-16. It was a matter of great pride as students walked up on stage to receive certificates from the Directors of the school. Students who had 100 per cent attendance during the academic sessions were also awarded certificates.

The students and the faculty members were congratulated for the Class XII board results which were the best in the city . It was also declared with great pride that Education World has ranked Shishukunj on no. 45 among the top 100 schools in the country for academic excellence.

This ceremony aimed not only to acknowledge and appreciate students for their brilliant performance but also to motivate the other students to strive for excellence.



July 01, 2016:- Talk of Career Counseling

Well known Career Counsellor and Chartered Accountant Mr. Pankaj Kothari conducted an interactive session on Career Options and Choices for the students of Classes X, XI and XII.

Quoting relevant examples from day to day life, Mr. Kothari urged the students to choose their careers according to their interests, passion and skills and then be prepared to give it their all. With his rich experience as a Chartered Accountant, HR Head and a Director of a reputed Business school, Mr. Kothari could feel the pulse of the students and touched topics which normally are a major concern for them during these very crucial formative years.






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